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ِAl Rakaez Investment is a public shareholding company, established in 27/9/2006 with a capital of JOD 10million, and later increased to JOD12.5 million.  Al Rakaez owns and operates Ayass Hotel- Amman.

Board Members:

Dr. Basil Al Bustani - Chairman

Mr. Mazin Ayass - Vice Chairman

Mr. Joseph Al Ashram - Representing Al Jazeera for Trading Co.

Ms. Nuha Al Bustani - Representing AbdelHadi Al Mailem Co.

Eng. Falah AlQadi

Mr. Dawood Obaidi

Eng. Mohammed Ayass

Disclosures & Announcements:


-General Assembly Meeting that was supposed to be held on March 29th, 2020 at 10am at Ayass Hotels will be postponed until further notice becasue of COVID 19 situation.





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