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The Dead Sea is located in the Jordan Valley and 55km (34 miles) southeast Amman, the lowest point on earth`s surface , it is 400 meters below sea level, and  is the saltiest place on earth.

The Dead Sea is an attraction for tourists around the world for many reasons…As its name reveals, the Dead Sea Jordan is devoid of life due to the high level of salts and minerals which in contrary makes Dead Sea Jordan known for its salts which have therapeutic benefits. The surrounding areas, however are anything but dead.

The Dead Sea is well positioned in Jordan, where you can see a number of incredible religious and historic sites which give the Dead Sea that spiritual significance. The baptism site is only 8km north of the Dead Sea shore.

You can visit most of the nearby sites in a single day if you have your own car, or spread it among two days if you are using public transportation.



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