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For many reasons,Tourism is considered one of the primary sectors of the economy in Jordan. Its moderate climate in the region during summer and winter, the presence of many historical places all over the kingdom such as Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, Roman Amphitheatre, Ciatdel, etc make Jordan a destination to visit. 

The hospitality of the Jordanians plays a vital role in tourism, and the best hotel deals in Amman Jordan give the opportunity to tourists on a certain budget to find low cost extended stay hotels. Also, tourists get to choose from many 4 star hotel choices in Amman Jordan in addition to other choices offered by the best 5 star hotels in Amman. Ayass hotel is considered one of the top 10 hotels in Amman, and one of the top 10 hotels in Amman as per its rating on trip advisor. It offers best hotel deals in Amman Jordan, and is considered a very good choice for families.

Jordan is one of the top medical tourism destination for all patients from neighboring countries, and hence tourism and medical tourism are so-related, this assures that Jordan has a very high potential in becoming a leading country in medical tourism espcially that there is many 4 star hotel choices in Amman Jordan and best 5 star hotels in Amman Jordan. what differs Jordan from other countries in medical tourism is the presence of natural therapeutic sites, where each one has a unique healing properties for treating some chronic physical ailments such as Ma’in falls and hot springs and Dead Sea Jordan.

Also, Dead Sea Jordan minerals are widely known for its healing property to some of skin related diseases. Hospitals and doctors in Jordan are ranked highly on education and medical practice, tourists from all around the world are visiting Jordan to seek medical treatments. Such treatments are offered by private hospitals and private practice. In recent years, people visit Amman Jordan for cosmetic procedures and surgeries and then they look for the best 4 star hotel choices in Amman Jordan and the best 5 star hotel in Amman Jordan . Now you can book a room in Ayass hotel directly through our website or just stop by the hotel and choose the best room for you.

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